Are you or your team facing any technical issue? Do you need any help to solve it? If so, you are searching for me.. I have the talent to understand your problems and give solutions for them. Many ………………….. are consulting me for their issues. I’m providing my service to many companies in Sri Lanka […]

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Design mobile/web application architecture to the software engineers according to the client requirement, work closely with managers- software developers and designers, meets the needs of the people who are going to use it, break down large system requirements into manageable parts, Research if needed, explain the structure to the designers and developers, and help them […]

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I have done some libraries to help mobile developers, it’s call SkyWite. These all are free and open source. Amazing frameworks/libraries will be developed as a open source project for mobile application development. Ii is really is and more powerful. So far these features not available in other frameworks. I will support to fix any […]

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I have created social media call SLMAD is the first mobile developers’ community in Sri Lanka. SLMAD help you on Mobile developments, New technologies ,New Trends & best practices. This community is focused on developing high quality programming tutorials for mobile development, Mobile design, mobile QA and responsive web pages for mobile. My goal is […]

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Nothing impossible

nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'i'm possible'!

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