Design mobile/web application architecture to the software engineers according to the client requirement, work closely with managers- software developers and designers, meets the needs of the people who are going to use it, break down large system requirements into manageable parts, Research if needed, explain the structure to the designers and developers, and help them to build it, Code review, advise senior managers about how to plan their future IT needs.


Objective c    90%
Swift    90%
Php c    90%
Java-J2SE    90%
Java-J2ME    90%
Java-J2EE    90%
Ruby    90%
Java script    80%    70%
Vb script    70%    80%    70%
JSP    90%
Cold Fusion    50%
HTML    90%
CSS    70%
Elixir    90%
Pearl    70%


MYSQL    90%
SQL    90%
MSSQL    90%
MongoDB    80%
Sqlite    90%


Rails    90%
CakePHP    90%
Laravel    80%
Phoenix    80%
Joomla    90%
Wordpress    80%
Kentico    70%
Actinic    70%
Nodejs    70%
Angularjs 2    80%
React    60%
Xamarin    90%


Linux    80%
Windows    90%
Mac    90%
Solaris    80%


iOS    90%
Android    90%
Mac OS    90%
Apple script    70%

So far I have done more than 130 iOS apps, 50 android apps, 10 windows and blackberry apps solely. Not only that I have done Ruby, PHP and .net base web projects. So many apps developed by me are available on iTunes, android play store, windows market and blackberry market.
I have done few other enterprise applications also (enterprise application are not available on the global area such as iTunes).

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